What we do

Funding FISH was established with the express purpose of supporting the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy in order to achieve sustainable fisheries in Europe. The majority of Funding FISH’s support takes the form of grant making. In addition, we will work with our potential partners to identify matching funding, develop projects and provide other in kind services.

The Common Fisheries Policy provides the overarching objectives for European fisheries and the mechanisms for achieving them. The policy is broad and includes numerous components. Out of these, Funding FISH has identified stocks achieving Maximum Sustainable Yield by 2020 and full catch accountability as priorities.

What kind of project does Funding FISH consider to achieve these aims

Drafting plans

The new policy calls for fisheries management plans to be drawn up for the various European regional seas. Funding FISH will consider supporting stakeholders to participate in this drafting process. These plans should describe how the CFP will be implemented at the regional level.

Facilitating change

The reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) introduces substantial changes. The roll out and introduction of some of these new components will be challenging for all involved, from the fishermen and management authorities to the European Commission. When progress in adopting these new elements has been achieved Funding FISH would like to support promoting such solutions and best practices to key audiences. In addition European funding is available to assist with the uptake of these new requirements (e.g. for new fishing gear trials or electronic monitoring systems), however, it is not always easy to access the funds. Funding FISH is interested in projects that facilitate accessing these funds.

Working with buyers

There are clear deadlines and non negotiable requirements set out in the new policy. It is important seafood buyers, (not consumers, but retailers and processors) understand these to avoid the potential of sourcing seafood from fisheries that do not meet the requirements. Funding FISH sees opportunities to work with buyers, raising awareness around these issues and developing potential responses.

Funding FISH grant application process

Funding FISH is an international funders collaborative. The funding partners help identify, assess and approve all projects for investment. The partners meet approximately every 2 months to consider funding applications. The standard process is for an applicant to submit a project outline. If approved by the partners the applicant will be invited to submit a full application which is resubmitted for final approval at a subsequent meeting.