Funding FISH is open to working with a cross section of stakeholders and with different approaches, prioritising collaborative work involving several partners across regions.

Since our launch in 2015 Funding FISH has made grants to the following organisations:

To support effective implementation of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy, we are working to ensure that overfishing ends in Europe’s northwestern waters.
Logo of Med React
Project: To respond to the European Commission's consultation on the Multi Annual Plan for demersal stocks in the western Mediterranean
Logo Sciaena
Project: Portugese/South West waters Fisheries Policy Officer
Logo of Fishing into the Future
Project: To support the development of the organisation's strategic plan
Logo of Client Earth
Project: Implementing Common Fisheries Policy 2018 - 2020
Logo of Good Fish Foundation
Organised Netherlands Minister Martin van Dam and Retailers support for land obligation & FDF
Logo of Environmental Defense Fund
Project: A feasibility study looking into EU quota transfers to address the Landing Obligation
Logo of Seas at Risk
Project: The Common Fisheries Policy is fully implemented and delivers on it's environmental objectives
Logo of Fisheries Innovation Scotland
Project: Membership of Fisheries Innovation Scotland - working for sustainable fisheries in Scotland

European Fisheries Finance Engagement
Logo of modus vivendi
Fishface Equipment Operational Vessel Trial
Logo of Environmental Justice Foundation
Ensuring a strong, harmonised and accountable Control Regulation.

Scoping of legal options to end over-fishing and illegal discarding in Germany.
Logo of Our Fish
In addition to making grants to the organisations above, Funding Fish has launched the Our Fish initiative.