Funding FISH worked with a cross section of stakeholders and with different approaches, prioritising collaborative work involving several partners across regions.

Since our launch in 2015 Funding FISH made grants to the following organisations and initiatives:

To support effective implementation of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy, we are working to ensure that overfishing ends in Europe’s northwestern waters.
Logo of Med React
Project: To respond to the European Commission's consultation on the Multi Annual Plan for demersal stocks in the western Mediterranean
Logo Sciaena
Project: Portugese/South West waters Fisheries Policy Officer
Logo of Fishing into the Future
Project: To support the development of the organisation's strategic plan
Logo of Client Earth
Project: Implementing Common Fisheries Policy 2018 - 2020
Logo of Good Fish Foundation
Organised Netherlands Minister Martin van Dam and Retailers support for land obligation & FDF
Logo of Environmental Defense Fund
Project: A feasibility study looking into EU quota transfers to address the Landing Obligation
Logo of Seas at Risk
Project: The Common Fisheries Policy is fully implemented and delivers on it's environmental objectives
Logo of Fisheries Innovation Scotland
Project: Membership of Fisheries Innovation Scotland - working for sustainable fisheries in Scotland

European Fisheries Finance Engagement
Logo of modus vivendi
Fishface Equipment Operational Vessel Trial
Logo of Environmental Justice Foundation
Ensuring a strong, harmonised and accountable Control Regulation.

Scoping of legal options to end over-fishing and illegal discarding in Germany.
Logo of Our Fish
In addition to making grants to the organisations above, Funding Fish has launched the Our Fish initiative.