Latest As commitment grows across Europe to comply with the law and implement fully documented fisheries we explore the challenges and the opportunities

Europe has moved from a fisheries management system that counts fish brought ashore to counting fish brought on board the vessel (the legal requirement states catches “must count against quotas and be accurately documented for example by CCTV”). This new system of full catch accountability is a fundamental change.

In the past when a Member State exceeded their quota they had to pay it back, now with full catch accountability Member States are obliged to monitor their fleets and hence avoid exceeding it.

In addition seafood processors, retailers and consumers want to be confident their seafood is from sustainable, well managed stocks and legally compliant fisheries. While fully documented fisheries can play a role here ironically the lack of it risks making the fishing illegal as it is required by law.

As you can see this is complicated, however it also provides opportunities. This report (1.3mb PDF) looks at these issues in more detail, exploring the challenges and opportunities.

For more information on CCTV systems (Electronic Monitoring) see this video or a shorter version.