Latest Funding FISH launches a Request for Proposals, inviting project applications which facilitate the adoption of fully documented fisheries in Europe. - Now Closed

(Appel à projets, version française)


Europe has moved from a fisheries management system that counts fish brought ashore to counting fish brought on board the vessel. This new system of full catch accountability is a fundamental change.  In the past when a Member State exceeded their quota they had to pay it back (under the Control Regulation), with full catch accountability Member States are able to monitor their fleets and avoid exceeding it.

In addition seafood processors, retailers and consumers want to be confident their seafood is from sustainable, well managed stocks and legally compliant fisheries. Processors and retailers are increasingly concerned about the traceability of their seafood from the sea to the shop floor in order to deliver on their commitments to sustainable and legal seafood. Fully documented fisheries are one of the tools available for fishing vessels to meet the growing requirements the processors and retailers are looking for. Funding Fish is interested in supporting fishermen (and other stakeholders) to meet these demands and hence invites grant applications that enable the uptake of fully documented fisheries. For details on how to apply click here.